Plan Pak a product designed out of need
Plan Pak was designed by Scott Daves, owner of Permits Today a nationwide construction permit processing company located in Pasadena, California. ( Scott, along with his employees were finding that carrying plans along with a briefcase full of project files became heavy, burdensome and awkward. “I was always having to drop what was in my hands when I came to a door or wanted to greet someone.  I figured that there must be something else better out there.  When I couldn’t find a bag that met all my needs I decided to create one.”  After looking for several years and putting the idea to great thought Scott decided to make a prototype. “Finally a bag that I can use”, Scott thought.

A product catches on
It didn’t take long. Actually the first time I tried it out in public, about six minutes or so, while I was in an elevator... “Plan Pak!” I heard a voice behind me say. “Where do you get one of those?” the voice said, “and how much?” I knew that second that we had successfully created a long awaited well-needed aid to many in the Construction & Architectural fields.

Plan Pak makes a great marketing tool and holiday gift to employees and special clients
Plan Pak makes a great marketing tool for Architectural and or Construction firms. When worn, Plan Pak acts as a billboard. Its large 12x12 inch briefcase cover is large enough to put your company logo on it for the world to see; and because of the way the Plan Pak fits on a person your company logo is directly eye level. Whether it is across town or across the world your company will get maximum exposure wherever the Plan Pak travels.

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